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The Baltic Sea allows travellers to visit a range of Scandinavian and Baltic countries. From the fairy-tale castles of Copenhagen to the gilded palaces of St. Petersburg, Scandinavia and Baltic Russia cruise destinations reflect over two millennia of history. The memories of Teutonic knights and Hanseatic merchant kings and czars come alive through a montage of architectural and cultural achievements..

Baltic cruises really do encompass a huge variety of cultures and history.

Generally cruises operate within the Baltic. However these cruise combine well with a cruise that visits to the Norwegian Fjords

Cruise types

The region is well serviced by the major cruise lines so cruise choice here could well be determined by price and type.

Cruises that originate in the Baltic – primarily from Copenhagen and Stockholm – tend to be 7 nights long, while cruises that start in the UK or Europe – mainly from Southampton, Dover, Amsterdam – are longer duration (10 to 14 nights).

Cruise season

Cruises generally commence in late Spring (April/May) and the season ends in September.

Main ports

St. Petersburg, Russia
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tallinn, Estonia
Helsinki, Finland


The shorter season reflects the more northerly latitude of the region, however daily temperatures through the region are generally a pleasant 20c/70f through summer and can rise to the mid to high 20’s. April and September are cooler. This is a relatively low rain period with about 8 to 10 days of rain per month.

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