The water carries with it the aroma of the surrounding landscapes. The proximity the sea, Mediterranean herbs and sweet apricots of the Wachau valley. Fertile vineyards line the steep river banks, and the city markets have an abundance of spices, cheeses and pastries on offer. Cooking exclusively with fresh ingredients, our chefs ensure that your experience of the particular holiday region also includes its culinary specialities. The changing gourmet buffets cater to all tastes while also allowing guests to try out new and unfamiliar dishes.

You can also watch our chefs in action to pick up some tips and inspiration for your own cooking back home. The most important thing for us is that you enjoy yourself. In addition, we’ll serve you a sophisticated four-course meal, and our knowledgeable sommeliers will present you with complementary wines. Another master of his trade will be waiting for you behind the bar. Our barkeeper’s main aim is to serve you the best-ever version of your favourite drink. Hungry?

Experience the A-ROSA gourmet trips: the ultimate pleasure! Embark on a river tour of sophisticated gastronomy featuring carefully selected dishes prepared by top chefs and served with exquisite wines.

Chefs and wine experts will help you to perfect your culinary knowledge. Take this tour for your taste buds, and for those back home whom you love to cook for – and, of course, for your own personal pleasure.

A-Rosa River Cruises with children

Those who want to show children the world should take a magical holiday with A-ROSA.

For children, the ships feel just like a large playground. After all, cruises are an adventure, and adventures are particularly fun if one is cared for as well as during an A-ROSA river cruise.

And for the perfect care, we have experienced children entertainers onboard – so that parents can relax with a clear conscience, while the kids experience many big and small adventures.

The A-ROSA Kids Club on board leaves no room for boredom. Delicious meals the kids will love, family tables and special surprises await them on all rivers.

On board an experienced children’s entertainer will take care of the young ones.

Ask for details of selected children's cruises.